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Bido Trackbacks

Gain a link back to your blog just for reviewing any of the Bido auctions.

A trackback is a programmatic system that has the ability to notify site A that there is text posted at site B which refers to site A.

Bido utilizes a Trackback system on all of our auctions. To participate and earn a link back to your site from any Bido auction, simply write an article on your site and review any Bido auction. In your article, post a clickable link to the long URL to the Bido auction. For example, if you wanted to link to the auction, you would use the URL
After you publish your blog post, visit your blog's entry long URL and click the link to the deep Bido page. This is a step that is very necessary for us to properly detect and store into our database the referring page (we cannot detect a link that has not ever been clicked). We'll detect this link that you've placed (we check our logs throughout the day) and after Bido's manual review and approval process, we'll issue a link back from that auction page to your blog.
It will appear as such:

As you can see in the screenshot above, both and had trackbacks for the auction of
These links back to those respective sites are clickable links and also are dofollow links, very valuable for an SEO campaign of any website.

Bido encourages you to write about our auctions, your readers will thank you for introducing Bido to them ,and we'll thank you with a link "right back at 'cha".

If you have any questions about our trackback system, please email