BIDO: Domain Auctions
Research For Profits
End-users who can benefit from owning a domain name, which is currently on live auction, are typically unaware of the auction, and thus miss an opportunity to own it.  In other cases, parties who can potentially benefit from owning a specific domain name, are even not aware of the marketing benefits that may rise by owning the right domain name. Sellers typically do not have the time to actively look for potential buyers. Bido now lets members add leads (email addresses) of potential buyers to listings of other members, and in return have a share in the sale proceeds, should the lead end up with a sale.

The reward for adding an email address, which then ends up with the potential buyer placing a bid and winning the auction, is 5% of the sale amount, and is payed out in condition that the email address was added before the winning bid has been placed.
Bido employs a tracking system that lets track the process from sending an invitation to view auction to a potenital buyer, to placing the bid and winning the auction. In addition Bido gives free BidoCredits to members who participate in this program based on different parameters (number of added leads, number of click on auction link by a lead, registration of new user after clicking the auction link, etc) also when no sale has been concluded.

For a participation in the "Research For Profits" program, you should first activate this feature over here:

Once activated, leads (email addresses) can be then added by clicking the "Add Invitation" (email) icon on the each auction's page. A maximum of 10 email addresses may be added to each listing. Bido constantly reviews the added leads to ensure that these are indeed refer to parties, who could potentially be interested in purchasing the related domain name. Also, in order to avoid spam, each sent email will include an "unsubscribe" link, by which once clicked no emails will be further sent to that party.

The status and history of added leads can be followed up over here: