BIDO: Domain Auctions

A PurchaseLink is a private URL, that allows a potential buyer to directly and immediately purchase your item, for the price you specify, by just clicking the link. Once created, you can send the created PurchaseLink to the potential buyer, and the buyer can click it, as long as not yet expired, to purchase your item.

Have you just received a price request for one of your domains over email and you would like to use a more professional, safe, and quick way to respond and facilitate the sale? An offer on one of your domain has just arrived by email and you just need an escrow service to process the transaction? PurchaseLinks now allow you and your buyer, to do just that: To process your sale via Bido in a typical fashion like all sales via auctions.


The PurchaseLink page has a description of the domain, a Buy-Now price, and an expiration date/time. It includes a count-down clock showing when the PurchaseLink will expire, so that time is running on your PurchaseLink. This is useful to provide incentive to the prospect to "act now", and allows you the seller a full control over the time frame in which your price quote is still valid.


It only takes 1-2 minutes to create a PurchaseLink, and once created, you can send the PurchaseLink directly to your potential buyer. When the prospect buyer lands on your PurchaseLink page by using the link, they'll be able to purchase your domain immediately.

On successful sale, Bido will issue an invoice to the buyer, collect payment from the buyer, and you'll be given the familiar Bido transfer panel to communicate with the buyer to complete transfer. Once the transfer is finalized, Bido will pay you your proceeds in a typical fashion. Sales by PurchaseLinks provide absolute protection for both buyers and sellers (full escrow for the transaction and payment as well as domain transfer service), and we're here to help every step of the way.


It is absolutely free to create PurchaseLinks and you may create as many PurchaseLinks as you would like. The sales commission for all sales via PurchaseLinks is just 6% of the sale amount, and applies only to successful sales upon completion. Additionally, All sales via PurchaseLinks are kept private and confidential, and are not published by Bido in any way.


To get started, please click here. If you have any questions about creating or managing your PurchaseLinks, please contact us.