BIDO: Domain Auctions
Design For Profits
Experience shows that listings with an illustration image tend to sell significantly better than listings without an illustration image. As many sellers do not have the time to upload images to their own listings, Bido now lets all members to upload images to listings of other members, and, in return have a share in the sale proceeds. 
The reward for designing a listing (adding an image to it), is 2% of the sale amount, and is payed out on condition that the image was uploaded before the winning bid was placed.

For participation in the "Design For Profits" program, you should first activate this feature over here:
Once activated, Images can be then uploaded by clicking the "Edit" (Pencil) Icon on the each auction's page (This icon is located left to the Twitter button, in the "Description" tab, on the auction page).

Rules for uploading images:
  • - The image should be promotive for the sale of the item
  • - The image should typically relate to the name (left of dot) of the domain. Generic images that relate only to the TLD of the domain are typically not approved for the design of the auction. Exception to this, is when the meaning of the domain is composed of both the name (left of dot) and the TLD, together.
  • - The image may not include the trademark-protected logo of a world-wide known brand.
  • - The image may not include obscenity (full nudity) in it.
  • - The image may not be self-promotive for the designer (e.g. include their contact data in the image).

The status and history of designed listings can be followed up over here:

Profits for designs are being paid together with the payout to the seller, once transfer of the purchased item is finalized. For more information on the "Design For Profits" program, please contact support.