BIDO: Domain Auctions

Buy It Now

- Sellers may add, change or remove BIN (Buy-It-Now) price to their listing at any time.

- There is no cost to add, change or remove a  BIN (Buy-It-Now) price. The setting of this option is absolutely free.

- The BIN-price is valid the whole time while the listing is online on Bido (During Voting, Upcoming Auction and Live Auction).

- The BIN-price must be at least as high as the currently set Bido-Price.

- The BIN-price is automatically removed from an auction, when the high Bid hits 75% of the BIN price. This allows an auction to end up with a price even higher than the set BIN-price should a bidding-war be involved, and where the BIN-price option was not used before the current bid has reached 75% of the BIN-price.

- All set BIN prices are valid and effective for 6 months at most of the time they have been set (unless removed by the seller before that). After 6 months BIN prices are automatically deactivated, and have to be re-activated by the seller to make sure that the item is still available for purchase.