BIDO: Domain Auctions

Auction Acceleration

Here's how you can accelerate any domain to auction:

The Bido members vote on the submitted domains to go to auction. Crowdsourcing votes from the members allows the best domains to make it to auction. However, if you don't want to wait 30 days for enough votes to come in, or if your domain didn't get enough votes, you may accelerate your listing to auction by using BidoCredits.

This is how submissions go to auction on Bido:

Pricing: 0.1 BidoCredits per Acceleration + 0.01 BidoCredits per each $10 of your selected BidoPrice
(With a Cap of max 4 BidoCredits for any BidoPrice above $4,000)

More info on how you can accelerate your domain to auction on Bido can be found here: